How I Found Hoopla and Quit Buying Books

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I grew up checking out books from the library. Some of my best memories are perusing through the shelves at our local library with my Mom as a child. I can still remember the orange plastic library cards. This was the norm for how you got access to books when I was growing up – the thought of buying all your books from a book store would have seemed silly.

Then along came stores like Books-a-Million and Barnes & Nobles and then eventually…. Amazon. Somewhere along the way the library became a relic of the past and I began to buy all my books. I’d use the kindle app along with my kindle reader to read books and Audible to buy and listen to audio books. The ease of use and access of digital books made me forget all about the library.

Then one day I came home from work and my wife told me about this FREE app called Hoopla that some friends were using to check out digital books and audio books from the local library. I kept thinking there had to be a catch but after hearing about it long enough I decided to try it out.

Hoopla iOS App Home Screen

I had to stop by the local library and get a library card and the librarian wrote down what I needed for the Hoopla app on a card. The whole process took about 10 minutes and was completely free. I downloaded the app and entered my library card number and pin code and I was in. I could now electronically check out a mountain of different e-books and audiobooks free from my phone and iPad.

I’ve been using Hoopla now for about six months and have probably only bought one or two books in that time (because they were so new they weren’t available on Hoopla yet). I probably read 1-2 books a month so that starts to add up into real savings over time. Everything of course is not on there but the selection is good and while the user experience is not as polished as kindle reader it is pretty good and you can’t beat the price!

Hoopla Audio Book Player

You can check out all sorts of media including music and movies on the Hoopla app (although the selection of books and audio books is far better) and after a while it automatically returns. Not finished yet? No problem, you just check it out again and it remembers where you left off. You can’t beat that. Rules vary by library system I think but in ours you can borrow 10 titles a month for 3 weeks at a time.

You can learn more about the Hoopla app on their website Let the savings begin…

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